No Pain, No Gem


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Galding Quay

Quest Giver




No Pain, No Gem is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Hoping to hone his craft, Dino needs another raw gem for use in a new piece. Unfortunately, the stone he seeks can only be found in a danger-laden location, and Noctis once more finds himself taking up the search."


No Pain, No Gem Objectives

  1. Obtain a ruby stone.
  2. Deliver the stone to Dino



No Pain, No Gem Rewards



No Pain, No Gem Walkthrough

  • After talking to Dino, head over to the quest marker in The Myrlwood, clear the first area of the dungeon then find a large rock covered with red stone at the south eastern part of the first area. Collect the stone and deliver it to Dino in Galdin Quay




  • You can visit this area after Chapter 7. 

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