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Of Gods and Kings is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV. You will receive Greatsword of the Tall while doing this quest, which is one of the Royal Arms.



"Vyv, president of Meteor Publishing, once again comes to Noctis with a photographic favor: he wants a picture of a royal tomb to illustrate his special feature about ancient legends. The prince heads for the tomb in the Fallgrove to snap a shot"


Of Gods and Kings Objectives

  1. Head for the tomb in the Fallgrove
  2. Take a picture of the tomb
  3. Photograph the tomb's gate
  4. Report back to Vyv



Of Gods and Kings Rewards

  • 2,500 EXP
  • 12,500 Gil



Of Gods and Kings Walkthrough

  • After speaking to Vyv, head to the quest marker in the southeast of Duscae and photograph the gate of the Royal tomb and then the tomb itself. Report back to Vyv.




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