Pitioss Ruins





Pitioss Ruins is a Dungeon in Final Fantasy XV


"Your worst nightmare come true. A jumpingpuzzle not even Satan him self would use to torture his subjects with."  

Pitioss Ruins Enemies

  • No enemies inside the dungeon.



Pitioss Ruins Bosses

  • No bosses inside the dungeon



Pitioss Ruins Loot

  • Genji Gloves
  • Black Hood
  • And a ton of other misc stuff such as potions, random accessories and and a few weapons.




Just follow along the path. Pay close attention to the surroundings, as the way forward is often right infront of you. But prepare to be angry.



  • There are no enemies or bosses inside this dungeon. And you go in solo.
  • You can't save once inside. So once you start it, you have to finish it. And make sure you save right after you finish it, because you dont want to die by crashing your car into the cliff at the end of the "runway" or crash during landing afterwards and have to do the whole dungeon over.
  • Can only be accessed during the night, from 7pm till 4am.
  • Can only be accessed with the Regalia Type-F
  • This dungeon can take upwards of 10 hours to complete, so make sure you have plenty of time when entering.

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    • Anonymous

      Took me less than 2 hours and wasn't that hard except the rotating puzzle before the statue. Seriously if this were in Guild Wars 2, it'd be considered one of the easier jumping puzzles.

      • Anonymous

        One of the most satisfying completions in a while. I was just happy to land the car... Now, 7 hours later I feel pretty remarkable.

        • Anonymous

          guys I cannot believe I did it. I was so concentrated I forgot to eat and drink for 5 hours and I screamed many times but boy do i have a strong feeling of satisfaction after finishing this.

          • Anonymous

            "Just follow along the path. Pay close attention to the surroundings, as the way forward is often right infront of you. But be prepaired to get mad." The only part of this statement that is true is the "prepare to get mad" part.

            • Anonymous

              You don't have to use Regalia to get out of the location. There is an easily accessible way out of the area on the Northern/N-E side of it where you can jump out with no problem. It's quite obvious and most likely was put there intentionally. Just get out of there and call Cidney to bring Regalia to your current location.

              Also, if you want to save, you can leave the dungeon (every time you fall it teleports you to the beginning of the current section so it's a matter of a minute or so), save and come back later which is not a big deal also, since you already have shortcuts open for you.

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