Red Giant

Level 42 vs. Swords -50%
XP 1,972 vs. Greatswords -50%
Libra 45s vs. Polearms -50%
Parry Yes vs. Daggers -50%
Size Big vs. Firearms -50%
HP 81,800 vs. Shields -50%
Strength 10,080 vs. Machines -50%
Vitality 230 vs. Fire -50%
Spirit 174 vs. Ice -50%
Imm Instant Death, Alterna vs. Lightning -50%
Res Stop vs. Light +20%

Red Giant is an Enemy in Final Fantasy XV


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  • Employs Fire-elemental and gravity-based attacks
  • May invoke Tenacious and Stalwart statuses
  • Break Effect: Vitality -50% when body is damaged for 30% of maximum HP
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    • Anonymous

      04 Feb 2017 02:21  

      I used the royal weapon "Sword of the Wise" for the Light elemental damage, but it still took quite some time. Was level 36 at the time. Having the "regroup" tech with Ignis helps to keep everyone healed (and can bring party members out of "danger"), but you're still going to need to be careful. The Red Giant moves and attacks a bit faster than the Iron Giant, as well as doing more damage, so keep alert. Best strategy so far is to take out the left hand so that it can no longer use magic attacks, and then just be ready to dodge like crazy while pouring on the pain whenever you can. If, however, you can hit the parry/counter when it does the powerful overhead sword attack, you can do massive damage and maybe even get a 1-hit KO. No matter how you do it, this will nearly always be a tough, long fight, so be ready for a battle of attrition. Honestly, this enemy is more to scare low-level characters than anything else, because other than some decent xp and bragging rights, you don't get anything else worthwhile off of it.

      • Anonymous

        30 Dec 2016 09:56  

        Lvl 8, sitting here using a handgun on a red giant. Total hits as I type this 947, red giant at half health. Found some sort of canyon area near hammerhead mines that spawned this mob and because it's such an enclosed area, RG can't move, and only attacks if I, noctis, gets close. I capped my hit combo at 999, but the twenty minutes I've been fighting this RG, prolly accumulated over 1.3k hits.

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