Regalia is a Ride in Final Fantasy XV. It is Noctis' car and is the signature transportation method of the game for the party.


Regalia Information

  • The Regalia is obtained very early on in the game, allowing for world exploration.
  • The car can be driven manually or you can select a destination and have Ignis automatically drive you there. 
  • Certain Abilities in the game like Roadrunning and Roadlife will reward you for taking trips in the car. 
  • The car can be driven on any road as well as on some off road paths. 
  • The car can be used for Fast Travel in exchange for Gil.
  • The car can be used to purchase items from the Shop menu for Gil.
  • The car must be refueled at gas stations or it will stop moving.
  • The car can receive upgrades to its speed and fuel consumption and can be customized with colors and stickers.
  • Other cars will avoid the Regalia, but if there is impact, the only damage is cosmetic such as a broken windshield. The vehicle will not break down over time. 
  • Players cannot change the radio station, however there are cassettes that can be purchased to play that feature iconic music from past games in the franchise.
  • Ignis can drive the car on auto-mode during the day, with Noctis taking over driving duties at night.


Customizing Regalia

Speak to Cindy to open up the options for customizing the Regalia. Once made available you can acquire these through mechanics. 

  • Body: this option changes the color the car's body. Black is the default color, with others available including pre-order skins.
  • Interior: this changes the color of the interior of the car. Black and white is the default color scheme, with others available such as: Light beige, Walnut Brown, Camel Brown, Dark Rose, Gilded Lilac, Dark Charcoal, Raven Black and more.
  • Wheel: this option allows you to change the color of the wheels. Metallic Silver is the default color. Other available colors are: Metallic Gold, Nightstar Silver, Matte Whitestar, Matte Blackstar and more.
  • Decals: this allows you to apply decals to the exterior of the car. They can be placed on several areas of the car.
  • Component: this allows the installation of components to improve the performance of the car. Eventually you will use this option to transform the car into the Regalia Type-F which flies.


There are several pre-order bonsues available to players to customize the appearance of the Regalia:

  • Cindymobile
  • Gold Chocobo
  • Platinum Leviathan
  • 16-bit Buddies


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