Reliable Royalty


Side quest


Galdin Quay

Quest Giver




Reliable Royalty is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


" Dino asks the Hunters for help securing stones, but the refuse his request. In his desperation the journalist-cum-jewler instead implores his trustworthy "pal" Prince Noctis for assistance."


Reliable Royalty Objectives

  1. Head to the specified area.
  2. Obtain a sapphire stone
  3. Deliver the stone to Dino



Reliable Royalty Rewards



Reliable Royalty Walkthrough

  • Talk to Dino and head over to the quest maker. Once you're in the area follow the river to go around the boulders and you will find a couple of Sahagin clear the area. You will see a large rock covered with red ores go behind it to pick up the sapphire stone




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