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Reunion and Recovery is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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Reunion and Recovery Objectives

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Reunion and Recovery Rewards

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Reunion and Recovery Walkthrough

 After reuniting with your firends you will have to find a device that is sealing Noctis' power. Prompto will unlock the door to trigger a cutscene. Destroy the device to the right and head to the hangar. You will now have to fight a Gargantua and some Snaga foes. Beware of his gravity magic and watch out for his sword swipes and fist pound shockwave. Strafe to the side and take him out when he is vulnerable. 


 After defeating them, a Reaper will appear. Dispatch it and proceed to the next marker where you will encounter a group of axemen. You can rest up in the dorm again if you need. When you reach the control room you will find more axemen, Snagas and a Reaperso proceed with the utmost of caution. 


 You'll get back to the control room where you can buy more Items from the vending machine. Replenish your stores and prepare for a fight. Make your way to the next marker and absorb the energy from the canisters. Head to the hangar and square off against Ravus


 Ravus has changed just a tad. He has some devastating range with his sword and will charge you a lot so keep an eye on his movements and react. He can also cast some dangerous area of effect dark energy attacks that he charges. Use the warp points to hit and run and make sure to use your healing Consumables on your party mates. Your Armiger Chain is useful here in bringing the pain. If you can manage a sustained assault he will drop to his knees opening him up for more damage. Eventually he will fall.


 A cutscene will trigger and more enemies will appear. Hang on against them as long as you can while the elevator makes its way and then dash for it when it arrives. Your quest continues in Chapter 14, World of Ruin.




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    • Anonymous

      31 Jan 2017 12:24  

      How come this outfit isn't showing up after beating Reunion and Recovery Been looking for answers everywhere and I can't find any as to why it isn't showing in my inventory.

      • Anonymous

        12 Dec 2016 16:37  

        if i didn't et it in the quest , is there a way to get one.i finished it reunion and recovery and didn't get the kindly outfit:(

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