Royal Raiment




+25% HP

+25% MP



Royal Raiment is an Outfit in Final Fantasy XV


Royal Raiment Information


Dress Noctis in the traditional formalwear of Lucian lieges, clothing truly fit for a king.



Royal Raiment Effects

  • +25% HP
  • +25% MP


Where to Find/Location

  • Pre-order bonus / Collector's Edition item
  • DLC Exclusive on the Playstation Store / Xbox Marketplace for $0.49



  • N/A

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    • Anonymous

      29 May 2017 19:46  

      I bought the royal raiment, wore it for ONE day, then it disappeared. The dlc in store says product is installed but then says i need to buy it. -.-

      • Anonymous

        Royal Raiment Outfit [FFXV Wiki]07 Dec 2016 02:53  

        I bought the deluxe edition but I can't get the royal rainment for some reason. It wouldn't let me install it on the store.

        • Anonymous

          29 Nov 2016 09:25  

          I downloaded the code for the masamune, royal costume, and car skin but when i went to my gear and checked Noctis' outfits the royal one isn't there. Any idea on how to get it?

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