Stats in Final Fantasy XV are covered on this page. All the information on what they are, what they do and how they affect the Characters is listed here. Characters will level up and improve their Abilities via the Ascension system which is similar to progression systems from past entries in the series.




  • HP: Total health. Character is knocked out when it reaches 0.
  • MP: Used for special moves and actions like warping and evading.
  • Attack: Attack power in combat
  • Defense: Resistance to attacks
  • Strength: ??
  • Ballistic Defense: ??
  • Fire Defense: ??
  • Ice Defense: ??
  • Lightning Defense: ??


Additionally each of the characters have specialties, such as cooking, photography, fishing and survival which they can level up via SP to improve their abilities with these skills.


Leveling Up


Players gain experience for defeating Enemies and completing Quests. Once they have accrued enough experience to level up, they must rest a Camp. At camps players can monitor their progress to the next level as well as their AP. Players attempting a low level run can opt to skip this.

At the end of a successful Combat encounter, the party is evaluated on their effectiveness by the time it took to finish, damage sustained, parries, etc. How the party performs in these areas determines the XP boost % from the base XP obtained from the enemy. Players looking to level up quickly will aim to dispatch foes quickly, cleanly and skillfully. 

Leveling up increases HP, MP, AP which can be used to unlock Abilities in the Ascension grid and other benefits. Consult the following table for an idea of the leveling progression.


XP Needed



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