Steyliff Grove





Steyliff Grove is a Dungeon in Final Fantasy XV


"Dungeon description goes here."


Steyliff Grove Enemies



Steyliff Grove Bosses



Seal Dungeon Loot



Steyliff Grove Walkthrough

  • Steyliff Grove Secret Dungeon Walkthrough:




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    • Anonymous

      The repetitive floors and the annoying-ass Tonberries made this dungeon dull as hell. Was yawning all the time and cussing.

      • About golden buttons. This is supposed to be choose path puzzle, as Ignis and Prompto talk about pathes and Prompto says something like:" it's not important which path to choose as long as it leads to the treasure"

        • In this place there are 5 unachievable golden buttons in pre-sealed dungeon. No notes of usage or clues. 4 are located in halls before boss, and one in the start changes from silver to golden, and stops working.

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