Sturdy Helixhorn



Sturdy Helixhorn is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Sturdy Helixhorn Information


"Taken from a spiracorn subspecies, this horn is much in demand among artisans, cratsmen, and people who like helices. The best examples command a high price."


Sturdy Helixhorn Uses



Where to Find/Location

  • Drop from Duplicorn by attacking the horn area. Can find them in Cleigne during The Last Spiracorns Mobhunt.
  • Drop from Leukorn with  75% drop rate.
  • Drop from Spiracorn by breaking the horns in the Untamed Wild Horses hunt from Coernix Station - Alstor.



Tactical Strategies

  • Using the "Axe of the conqueror" to warp strike the head of the Duplicorn again and again (the hit always come from above and so give more chances to break the horn)
  • Star of the Rogue is also a good choice for breaking the horn by locking the horn from a distance and warp strike it.
  • Using the "Shield of the Just " to block and counter will break the horn off if the Duplicorn attacks you head on. Warp striking the head will also have a great chance of breaking the horn.




  • The drop rate chance of the horn on Duplicorn are rather low (10%) may take a couple of tries to drop
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    • Anonymous

      100% DROP RATE:
      Equip Sword of the wise, then smash their heads wit warp strike. Got about 5 helixhorn from 1 hunt.

      • Anonymous

        I found the Sturdy Helixhorn from the mission where get access to Chocobos "Deadeye, A Behemoth Undertaking" or something like that. I found as a random treasure on the map.

        • Anonymous

          I was try to get it when I thought about a vid I watched instead of using regular methods I used a gun on the second try and managed to get it on the second time and used wait to help aim and hit it after a afew minutes I got it

          • Anonymous

            Got it first time. Got it during the battle. I camped before and cooked Mother and Child Rice Bowl. During battle I used Trident of the Oracle and warp struck the head. Good luck!

            • Anonymous

              Only took me 5 trys i used the trident of the oracle seems like it was more accurate then the axe. You can break the horn multiple times each with a chance for a drop.

              • Anonymous

                Drop rate is not 10%... I'm 30 hunts in and 2x Duplicorns each hunt and broken horn every time. That is 60 kills with no Sturdy Helixhorn..

                • Anonymous

                  Took me 7 tries with the Axe equipped. Save Game so you don't have to be talking to NPC forever and reload if you miss the drop!

                  • Anonymous

                    I'd recommend going to a camp and eating the Mother & Child Rice Bowl dish. It will increase enemy drop rate by 50% and I managed to get a Sturdy Horn after eating it the first time. If you haven't gotten the recipe its from a small cut-scene in Lestallum which I ran into at night around the lookout near the where the car parks.

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