The Aspiring Artisan


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Galdin Quay

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The Aspiring Artisan is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Noctis receives an unexpected call from Dino, the reporter-slash-jewler posted in Galdin. He suggests the prince drop by for a friendly chat, but the four frineds suspect Dino has more than mere "mingling" in mind."


The Aspiring Artisan Objectives

  1. Speak with Dino
  2. Head to the specified area
  3. Obtain an Amethyst stone
  4. Deliver stone to Dino.



The Aspiring Artisan Rewards



The Aspiring Artisan Walkthrough

  • Go to the quest marker that shows the rough location of where the amethyst shard is. Pick it up and return to Dino.




  • The quest item might be abit tricky to spot at first. Look for a samll cluster of what looks like some crystals growing next to a big boulder.

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