The Errand Prince


Main Quests


The Mutant Marauder


A Gentleman's Agreement


Galdin Quay

Quest Giver

Cindy Aurum



The Errand Prince is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"The four friends arrive at Galdin Quay only to find the dock blocked. They search for an alternate means of sailing to Altissia."


The Errand Prince Objectives

  1. Drive to the motel
  2. Head to Galdin Quay



The Errand Prince Rewards

  • 50 XP



The Errand Prince Walkthrough


Speak to Dave about the bounty letter you found earlier and inquire about tracking it down. If you accept and ask for Gil, you will earn 2 AP for the bravery. You will also obtain a Magic Flask which will be useful when you begin Elemancy. Spot the Debased Coin nearby before heading out.


 With your car now repaired, before heading out, Cindy will ask you for a favor delivering a package to a motel owner on your way. Tie up any loose ends in the area before jumping in the car and head out. Now that you're in the car, get familiar with the controls. You can either pilot it manually or have Ignis take the wheel on auto pilot. You can also access the car shop from here. All roads end in blockades from the imperial army which force you to head south. When you reach Longwythe Rest Area hop out and speak to the manager. A person named Umbra will arrive with a message from Lunafreya. Send one back with her and check the diner here for some lucrative Mobhunts, which are great ways to earn Gil. There are some Side Quests you can grab here as well as Lodgings if you want to rest.


Make your way to your destination at Galdin Quay where there are some Merchants and a place to engage in some Fishing. You can explore the pier area here and the boardwalk where you will encounter a mysterious stranger who gives you an Intricate Coin. Explore here as much as you'd like, and when you decide to head to the docks you'll find the ships have been cancelled. Your journey continues in A Gentleman's Agreement.




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