The Ever Illustrious Regalia


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The Ever Illustrious Regalia is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"A hunter tips Cindy off to the location of some Crown City-made headiamps. Assuring Noctis of their quality and utility, Cindy asks the prince to retrive the lights so she can install them in the Regalia and make the prince's journey a little safer."


The Ever Illustrious Regalia Objectives

  1. ??
  2. ??
  3. ??



The Ever Illustrious Regalia Rewards



The Ever Illustrious Regalia Walkthrough

  • This time, Cindy needs you to retrieve a component hidden in the depths of the Crestholn Channels. This is a dungeon that can only be explored because you'll need a high level party to clear this dungeon. The item is in the room to the north of the second control panel. Pick it up and report back to Cindy.




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