The Ever Regal Regalia


Side Quests


Hammerhead (Chapter 2)

Quest Giver




The Ever Regal Regalia is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Cindy has recieved a tip-off about a rare insomnian car wax, which she thinks would be perfect for the Regalia. Noctis and his friends head into the wilderness in her stead to find the precious product."


The Ever Regal Regalia Objectives

  1. Head for the tunnel west of the Weaverwilds.
  2. Obtain the wax.
  3. Deliver the Aero Wax to Cindy



The Ever Regal Regalia Rewards



The Ever Regal Regalia Walkthrough

  • Speak to Cindy. then retrieve the Aero Wax insde the tunnel that you can access from the south of the Prairie Outpost. Eliminate the Goblins on the way, pick up the item and report back to Cindy in Hammerhead.




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