The Frogs of Legend


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The Frogs of Legend is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"The ancient tome Sania purchased yielded intriguing, if scant, information on the legendary rainbow frog. If she could but find some live specimens to study, her name would go down in natural history. As ever unable to refuse the professor, Noctis sets out to find his most elusive targets yet.


The Frogs of Legend Objectives

  1. Catch 5 rainbow frogs
  2. Return to Sania with the frogs



The Frogs of Legend Rewards



The Frogs of Legend Walkthrough

  • Sania is now stationed at Meldacio Hunter HQ, challenges  you a accomplish a seemingly impossible task and that is to find five Rainbow Frogs hidden in Lucis with no waypoint or information to guide you.
  • Watch this video to find all the frogs. 




    • Anonymous

      18 Apr 2017 05:32  

      I can't find the Frog near The Vaullerey outpost I've searched where other people have found it but for me it's not there

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