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The Hand of the King is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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The Hand of the King Objectives

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The Hand of the King Rewards

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The Hand of the King Walkthrough

 Once you're ready with what you need, head to the elevator. Ignis will go along with you regardless of you choose, and be glad he does because he will be needed later. Make your way down the mine to find a Hi-Potion by the wire fence and pool to the south. Behind a tractor you can find Rough Scales. Depending on whether it's day or night, the Enemies you will encounter at Fodina Caestino Mine will change. Expect to encounter Gurangatch or Snaga mobs as you proceed.


 Dispatch the enemies at the lake and head down the left side. The path down is blocked. Inspect the control panel to the east. You will need a key, so go northeast to the shed. You will reach a forked path when you head down to reach a pool. Take the left path to find a Star Pendant up the slope to the left and north to the stairs, and a Megalixir up the stairs to the right. Go back to the pool and take the right path. Below the second set of stairs you can find a Strong Bone and a Mega Phoenix at the top of the slope after going up the second set of stairs. Go back down the stairs and go east. Take out the Snaga enemies that arrive.


 Right before the shed you can find a spot to rest if you'd like. Head to the shed and take out the Falxfang you see and grab the key. Head south towards the control panels and defeat the enemies. Grab the Splendid Building Stone at the top of the slope east and proceed forward. You will have to take out a Gigantoad to power the first panel. Take the stairs down to get to the second panel and turn it on. To return to the main panel head back up the stairs and go west to leap over the wire fence and head down. Defeat the respawned enemies and turn on the main control panel. Head to where the block was. 


 When ready, proceed to tand Gladiolus will get tough with you. Either answer will earn you a temp boost of 50% Strength. Dispatch the rest of the enemies and inspect the tomb entrance to take on the Boss, Malboro.


 Malboro is weak to Greatswords, Machines and fire and strong against lightning so plan accordingly. He will spawn mini mob look alikes but they aren't a struggle. His strongest attacks are his breath that can deal significant damage and inflict Confusion. Avoid this with timely warps and get his health down to zero, at which point he'll start to regenerate. This will happen a few times and Ignis will call for a readjustment.


When the flee message appears, don't leave the fight, instead head for the flashing red arrows by the rocks to the east. Get there and Ignis will reveal his master plan to take the boss out with an explosive. Once he's down, enter the Tomb to collect the next of the Royal Arms, the Katana of the Warrior and head to the train station to bring an end to Chapter 11. You quest resumes in Express Train for Trouble.




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