The Last Spiracorns




Lower Wennath







The Last Spiracorns is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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The Last Spiracorns Targets



The Last Spiracorns Rewards



The Last Spiracorns Unlock Requirements

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  • Old Lestallum Outpost can be unlocked by talking to diners proprietor in Lestallum
  • This hunt can be picked up at the diner at the Old Lestallum Outpost.
  • Habitat: Lower Wennath
  • Weaknesses: Polearms, Firearms, Ice
  • Resistant: Ice and Light

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    • Anonymous

      01 Jul 2017 09:46  

      I have been patrolling around the quest area looking for this hunt for the last 5 in game days and cannot get them to spawn. Any advice?

      • Anonymous

        26 May 2017 02:09  

        I did this hunt with the scepter of the pious and just constant warpstrikes and got 4 horns, I rested at the campsite near the hunt location and ate a mother and child rice bowl first for the 50% item drop. Hope it helps

        • Anonymous

          12 Jan 2017 16:23  

          This is bull***** ! I can't touch the horn to break it, I've used the "Axe" supposed to cut it but I can't touch these f*** horses and when I do, it doesn't break! And why the names are so different between French and English? "The last Spiracorns",when in FR it's something like "scour the stallion"! And even "Duplicorns" become "Ariocornes" WHY? Is the english quest name a reference to the last Unicorn movie of the 80's? Leukorn appears way after that, can't we find them Duplicorns more often in the wild? (because north from old lestalum is pretty lousy as a direction). And finally, does the "camping happy" perk apply to this drop rate of 10 percent? Is camping a better option for me or did I just throw 99 PC for nothing?

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