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The Mutant Marauder is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Dave informs the group of a mutant dualhorn running amok. Up for a challenge, Noctis agrees to take it down."


The Mutant Marauder Objectives

  1. Make Camp
  2. Locate the mutant Dualhorn
  3. Obtain the Regalia



The Mutant Marauder Rewards

  • 200 XP



The Mutant Marauder Walkthrough


Speak to Dave about the bounty letter you found earlier and inquire about tracking it down. If you accept and ask for Gil, you will earn 2 AP for the bravery. You will also obtain a Magic Flask which will be useful when you begin Elemancy. Spot the Debased Coin nearby before heading out.


 Ignis, ever the cautious will recommend you make camp, which will familiarize you with the mechanics of leveling as well as Meals. Head opposite of your objective to find a haven to make camp, where you will also find some elemental deposits. Make camp and spend some time learning about Skills and Ascension.


Once rested, head out and find the Dualhorn in question, north of your position. It's a formidable foe who will deal massive damage if you aren't careful. Work with your team in Combat to make the most of their Techniques and maneuvers, making liberal use of your defensive capabilities. Defeat it to obtain a Red Horn and Cindy will call you to let you know the car is all ready to go. Check around the area for any Items scattered about and head back to Hammerhead and speak to Cindy to get your ride back. You can now continue your journey in The Errand Prince.




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