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The Pauper Prince is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Prince Noctis and his royal retinue set out to set sail for the neighboring land of Accordo, where the prince is to wed his betrothed. Having channeled all their funds into repairs for the Regalia, however, the four friends must now find a way to earn some gil, the currency of choice outside Insomnia."


The Pauper Prince Objectives

  1. Speak with Cindy
  2. Eliminate the pests



The Pauper Prince Rewards



The Pauper Prince Walkthrough


The repairs for the Regalia have proven costly and you must now come up with ways to earn some of that precious Gil

 Speak to Cindy who will mention that Cid Sophiar needs help eliminating some pests in exchange for cash. You'll get 10 AP for this to use in Ascension. You'll also get a Bronze Bangle and some Gil to get started. 

 Cross the road and head to where the Reapertails are. Defeat them and head west to find a second group. Dispatch them and find the last group nearby and eliminate them to complete the quest. You'll then be hearing from Cindy and your journey continues in Hunter Becomes the Hunted.




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      I'm having an issue where Cindy won't give me the quest. I have been and done some hunting missions but everytime I come back to her she says " he'll take his time but he'll get her done" and that's it.

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