The Professor's Protege - Gigantoad


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Old Lestallum

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The Professor's Protege - Gigantoad is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Sania's research into frogs is proceeding apace, but to truly unravel the creature's secrets, she also needs to study their bigger, dangerous cousins: gigantoads, Noctis must slay the creature, harvest its.


The Professor's Protege - Gigantoad Objectives

  1. Head to the specified area.
  2. Slay a Gigantoad.
  3. Return to Sania.



The Professor's Protege - Gigantoad Rewards



The Professor's Protege - Gigantoad Walkthrough

  • Sania is now stationed in Old Lestallum, near the town's east entrance. She asks you to bring her oil from Gigantoad. Head to the quest marker. and clear the area. Return to Sania to finish the quest.




  • Complete "The Professor's Protégé - Yellow Frogs" to unlock this quest
  • If you failed to obtain Slimy Oil on your first try, simple exit the dungeon and return back to the same spot to fight another Gigantoad. 

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    • Anonymous

      This may be a glitched mission. I keep doing it over and over, but Sania doesn't seem to recognize it's completed.

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