The Rock of Ravatogh


Ravatoghan Trail



The Rock of Ravatogh is a Dungeon in Final Fantasy XV. It contains the Tomb of the Fierce.



"Investigate the Rock of Ravatogh."


The Rock of Ravatogh Objectives

  1. Make for the summit
  2. Acquire power of the royal



The Rock of Ravatogh Enemies



The Rock of Ravatogh Bosses

  • ??
  • ??



The Rock of Ravatogh Loot


The Rock of Ravatogh Walkthrough

Follow along the path. On the first fork, go right. Once you get to the place where you find the first set of Wyverns, climb the rock face. It can be a bit tricky to see the right spot where you have to climb, but just run up to the cliff face and a marker should pop up on your screen. Climb up two cliffs, and proceed up the path to the campsite. Continue up the path to the right, kill the Killer Wasps and the Wyvern, and head into the lagre bowl-shaped area. Hold to the right side wall and look for a small gap in the eastern rock face. Go through the gap, follow the path to the top and enter the tomb to claim the Mace of the Fierce. Go back to the bowl-shaped area, through the massive hole in the wall and ride the sand back to the bottom of the volcano.

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Location of the Tomb of the Fierce



  • The Royal Tomb is easily missable. In the large bowl-shaped arena below the camp site, look for a hole in the eastern rock face. The pathway will lead to the Royal Tomb located here.
  • Make sure you have these quests with you before you head up the volcano, as it will save you alot of time later. The Professors Protege - Wyvern and Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration

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