The Trial of Leviathan


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The Trial of Leviathan is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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The Trial of Leviathan Objectives

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The Trial of Leviathan Rewards

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The Trial of Leviathan Walkthrough

 At the beginning of this quest you will have to choose what to say to the impressive being. Choose "request her power". Now begins your fight with Leviathan. Use warp strikes at this initial stage to stay out of the water and when it rears its head warp in and get a few swipes in before escaping to safety. Try and stay out of the water if you can to avoid making the fight any tougher. You'll have to chip away but eventually a cutscene will trigger. 


 Once the scene ends give it an all out attack to bring its health down, using the Armiger Arsenal and your flying. Towards its end block and parry it to finish it off. Eventually the protracted battle will be over and you will emerge victorious. Chapter 9 now comes to an end and Chapter 10 will begin with Off the Rails.





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