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The Trial of Ramuh is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"In order to help Noctis fulfill his destiny, the elegant and enigmatic Gentiana guides him along his path. His mission; locate the Stormsender's runestones, and receive the thunder god's revelation."


The Trial of Ramuh Objectives

  1. Enter Fociaugh Hollow and touch the third runestone
  2. Exit the cavern



The Trial of Ramuh Rewards

  • 1000 EXP



The Trial of Ramuh Walkthrough

 You must now locate the 3rd runestone. It is located in the Fociaugh Hollow Dungeon east of Wiz Chocobo Post. Before you enter the rune site you will be attacked by a group of soldiers. Take them out and hop on your rides and head towards the site.

 As you approach a lightning bolt will hit the rocks and open a passage where you can enter the dungeon. Make you way inside and watch the bats. To the right you'll find a Rusted Bit, an Ancient Dragon Tooth to the left and a Fossil Shell down the path. As you come through you will hear a noise and get ambushed by an Imp group. Take them out and head into the small hole to another passage. You will find an Oracle Ascension Coin near the Allural Shallots here, and you will be ambushed by more imps and a group of Thunder Bomb daemons. They are immune to lightning so try other forms of damage to take them out.


 Continue along the winding path defeating any imps along the way until you reach a branching path on the left with water. Loot the Fossil Wood above the water and head right to find more Fossil Wood. There is a ledge that ends here, if you fall down it will trigger more foes but you can defeat them to grab the Thieves Way Accessory at the bottom of the ledge.


 Continue on the path to another intersection where you will find a fire node and a Rusted Bit on the right. Head down the left path until you spot an ice node and an alcove on the left for a Magic Flask. Head past and through a narrow crevice to find more imps that ambush you. When they are done, climb through the passage and grab the Ammonite Fossil and head right down the path. You will hear a mysterious noise and Prompto will get snagged away. Chase after him to find some tough enemies - AKA Imps, Thunder Bombs, and Mindflayers. Take them all out, and Prompto will rejoin you and head to take out the Hobgoblins. Check the trail you came down for a Potion and Titanium Bangle. Check the far passage for a Blue Choker.


 Take the small hole in the wall where the main platform is to find a dead end, some Imps and a Debased Banknote. Head up the path north towards the maker and loot the Ancient Dragon Tooth before sliding under a rock to the next room.


 Loot the lightning deposit and come to a large area with 2 paths to take. The path north leads to a locked door you will unlock much later in the game. The other path leads to where you want to go when a Naga will drop down to attack. It is weak to frost and greatswords. Mind its lunges and poison spit. Defeat it and head down the passage to the final runestone and get your vision of a old man and temporary purple eyes.. Your quest continues in Engaging the Empire.





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