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The Way of Gods and Kings is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Titan, the Archaean, is somehow connected to the headaches that rack Noctis every time there is a tremor. The party decides to return to Lestallum to learn what they can."


The Way of Gods and Kings Objectives

  1. Return to Lestallum
  2. Head to the outlook
  3. Follow Ardyn to his car



The Way of Gods and Kings Rewards

  • 500 XP
  • Opportunities for more XP and AP depending on choices made.



The Way of Gods and Kings Walkthrough


After obtaining the Royal Arm, Noctis will have another vision. The party will suggest heading back to Lestallum before proceeding. Head back to the city to meet up with everyone on the hotel. Speak to everyone and Noctis will receive another vision. The suggestion to take a look at the Disc will pop up. 


 Head across the road to the Outlook to find the stranger from earlier who gave you the coin. His name is Ardyn and will offer to join you to the Disc. He'll invite you to his car. Depending on the answer you'll earn the following:

  • You drive: 500 XP
  • Ignis drives: Ignis earns 1000 XP
  • Arydin drives: 2 AP
  • Drive Ardyn's car: 1 AP and 100 XP

 Whatever you choose, you'll wind up driving your own car with Ardyn driving his own car. So much for choice! This will bring Chapter 3 to an end and your journey will resume in Chapter 4, with A Dubious Drive.




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    • Anonymous

      30 Dec 2016 21:12  

      Same happened to me and had to restart. Piece of ***** game, thanks :) They weren't even THERE to walk past and so had to reload an old save. Jeez Louise the peogramming is ATROCIOUS.

      • Anonymous

        30 Dec 2016 21:10  

        Same happened to me and had to restart. Piece of ***** game, thanks :) They weren't even THERE to walk past and so had to reload.

        • Anonymous

          The Way of Gods and Kings [FFXV Wiki]18 Dec 2016 03:57  

          no it wont because they are not there. only the quest marker. nothing happens when you walk through the door.

          • Anonymous

            06 Dec 2016 07:26  

            Stuck on the way of gods and kings. I am supposed to head to lestallum however I get to the exclamation point at the hotel and there is not any cutscenes. So basically I am stuck at this point for some reason and I have no idea how to pass it!! Have reinstalled the game and tried completing other missions and nothing is working, please help.

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