The Witch of the Woods


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The Witch of the Woods is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


" A tipster alerts Noctis that Dave has gone missing"


The Witch of the Woods Objectives

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The Witch of the Woods Rewards



The Witch of the Woods Walkthrough

  • For Dave's final quest, go to Verinas Mart - Ravatogh and obtain the information from the local tipster then travel to Malmalam Thicket and look for Dave on the dirt path leading to the forest. 
  • Take the small paththat branches off to the left to the left of the main trail: this leads to a wooden hut where Kimya awaits. She sends you to a new waypoint at the end of Malmalam Thicket, in front of the Royal Tomb. The Sullied Dog Tag lies a few steps to the left of the tombm at the foot of a tree and a large rock. Return to Kimya to obtain an explanation once you have the tag then report back to Dave at Meldacio Hunter HQ to complete the quest.




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