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World of Ruin is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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World of Ruin Objectives

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World of Ruin Rewards

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World of Ruin Walkthrough

 After the cutscene, Noctis will be starting at the dock. You will sail to camp to find the team. Head across the dock to find some enemies. You will be alone. Head up the stairs to take out a Toonberry pair and an Imp. Take them out and proceed to the next part. At the bar you will find a Wraith pair and a Naga. Use the Death Spell to dispatch them. Run across the bridge to the marker and defeat the Hobgoblin pair. Beyond them, you will see an Iron Giant pair that you can avoid if you'd like. 


 Run through the plains and caverns and you will meet a Daemonwall, which you can also bypass if you'd like. After it, follow the road to the objective marker. Umbra will stop you. Approach the truck to trigger a cutscene and you'll meet up with Talcott. He'll give you a ride and a cutscene will play as he explains 10 years have passed. He tells you where your friends are now.


After the cutscene, Noctis will see his brothers in arms. You will now have to make your way back to Crown City. Head to the gate and select Return to Insomnia to proceed. Your journey will continue in Head for the Crown City.







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