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Zegnautus Keep (Quest) is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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Zegnautus Keep (Quest) Objectives

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Zegnautus Keep (Quest) Rewards

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Zegnautus Keep (Quest) Walkthrough

 You will find the dead body of Ravus. Noctis will take the sword enabling to use the sword with the Ring of the Lucii at the same time. Head towards the marker.


The next mission is a difficult one. You will have to get back to the upper levels, which you can do by following the map. You will have to pass a poison gas chamber and several guards. Get to the panel and close the gas, and now make your way west. You can use the machine to upgrade your keycard to level 4. Proceed to the left aisle when you go out of the circular room and return to the save point. Head to the elevator. 


 Take out the enemies as you progress. Once you reach the elevator, stay alive against the Foras while waiting for the elevator to arrive.  When it arrives, head into the elevator and head to the top. Follow the marker to a control room where a Naga pair will show up. Take them out. Find an Ether on one of the crates here. Clear the room of enemies and turn on the generator. Avoid the Foras that show up and be mindful of the shock troopers. Exit the room and head right. Walk until you see a room on your left. Head inside and loot the Superior Restorative


 Leave the room and head right. Walk to a room on the right and head inside being wary of the other shock troopers here. Further in the room, you can loot a Mythril Shaft. Exit the room and head to the marker. You will encounter an Uttu. Use the Ring to defeat it. Proceed to the barred gate on your right and continue to the marker. Foras will also appear so beware. You'll arrive at a control room. On the left, find a Gralean Medal of Distinction and a Rare Coin on the right. 


 Turn the power generator on at which point two soldiers will awaken. Defeat the enemies in the room and leave to take the first path to your right. You will encounter more enemies and a shock trooper on the floor as you approach the marker. He will grab you if you get too close so be mindful.


 Head up the long stairs. A Chrome Bit will be found on a generator to the left. Enter the elevator and take it to the next floor. Continue following the markers until you come to a room with 3 circuit panels that each need a keycard. Operate Control Panel A first. Snagas will spawn, defeat them and head to the east door. Circle the wall of the room to find a Broken Harmonica and head to the north door. In this room you will obtain the card for Panel B. Head back to the main circuit room and insert the card into Panel B in the middle. Proceed to the south door of the main room. Inside the room, head to the east door, defeating the axemen here. Take the Panel C card and Hi-Elixir and head back to the main room. Insert the keycard into Panel C which will overload the breaker and turn off the power on all doors. Turn on Panel B and then turn on Panel C. This will unlock the doors on your way. From the main room, head to the west door. Enter the room and head to the upper right corner behind the desk to find a Gralean Medal of Distinction


 Continue following the marker to a room that leads to a narrow corridor. You will be attacked by 2 Snagas here. Defeat them and go down the narrow passage. You will come to a room with an Item vending machine. Load up on Consumables and move to the next room. Head down the path to find a Rogue Axeman. Before going to the next door, find a Magitek Booster to the right. Enter the door and make a left to enter the Dormitorium Mercenariorum to rest and level up for no cost. Exit the doorm and take the path ahead. There will be a room to the right where you can find a Chrome Bit, beiing mindful of the axemen who ambush you.


 Keep following the marker to an area on the map that indicates a small room on the upper left and a path on the right. Head to the small room to find a Mega Phoenix at its door and raise your card security level to 5. There will also be an axeman here. Dispatch it and follow the quest marker. Beware of another shock trooper creep lounging on the floor. You will come to an area with a structure ahead. Proceed to the central building. Behind it will be a switch to raise the platform. Pulling the lever will cause soldiers to awaken so get ready for multiple enemies.


 Dispatch the enemies and head for the marker. Head to the lower left and lower right corner of the red circle on the map to find Muscle Stimulant 2x. At the upper corner find Hi-Elixir. At the other will be a Flesh Fortifier and the machine to raise your clearance to level 6. You will be attacked by axemen. Continue to the quest marker and by the tower you will find a Wraith and some troopers. Take them out and head to the marker. You can rest at the dorm if you'd like or keep progressing to the marker. You will get to a corridor with fences and troopers. Take out the foes first. Your boys will show up to save the day. Proceed to the next marker.


 You will come to a large control room. Make your way to the control panel on the upper left and interact with it to unlock the room to the east. Before going there, head to the room on the west to pick up a Hi-Potion and Muscle Stimulant. Make your way to the conference room ahead to find a Bulletproof Suit. Now head to the east door in the control room and follow the marker and make a left before the door to a small room. Inside you will find a Shattered Timepiece and Muscle Stimulant. Continue to the door in the direction of the marker. The next room will be a prison cell. Before heading to Prompto, head to the center and go left to find an Old Book. Head to the cell where Prompto is being held. Your journey continues in Reunion and Recovery.




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