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Patch Notes

Update 1/24/17

Holiday Pack+ Updates

Holiday Pack (Free Version) Updates

Self-Photographing Feature Implemented

  • Players can now take pictures outside of battle whenever they choose.

Day One Crown Update Notes 11/29/16

This is a very large patch (7GB+) so be ready for a lengthy download.


  • Implemented actions inspired by the “Omen” trailer by Digic Pictures in the game
    • Warp Drop Kick (When daggers are equipped).
    • Backward Warp magic (Elemental magic activation at short range).
  • Here are some example of Wait Mode exclusive abilities implemented to improve the experience with Wait Mode.
    • Libra Speed Increase – You’ll be able to receive information via Libra quickly.
    • Wait Gauge Recovery – Wait Gauge recovers when defeating the enemy.
    • Surprise Attack Warp Break – When warp-striking to an enemy that isn’t targeting you, it’s easy to destroy the targeted part.
    • Final Blow Shift Break – When warp-striking to an enemy that has less than half its HP, the damage multiplier increases.
  • Added screen effects during the battle to make it easier to understand the HP status.
    • When HP is lower than 25%, the whole screen is covered by a bright red filter.
    • When in a pinch, the whole screen is covered by a dark red filter.
    • The “Enemy Whistle” has been implemented. You can summon monsters, but they won’t always appear.
    • The movement executed at the time of an MP Burst is canceled. Trying to warp when in MP Burst will cause the move to fail.


  • It will be possible to warp forward in the field even outside of combat.
  • The item “Music player” has been implemented, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs even while walking.


  • A gallery has been added to the menu, and it will display the meals cooked by Ignis and the fish caught by Noctis.


  • Opening the menu during auto-drive won’t stop the driving.
  • Added the “Regalia Shop,” that will allow you to shop while riding in the Regalia.


  • Added cutscenes from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the Omen trailer, which could not fit on the disk.

Improvement in Other Areas

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Adjustments to improve the comfort of gameplay.
    • Camera adjustments in narrow spaces.
    • Improved menu operability.
    • Addition of features to enhance convenience.
  • Adjustments to improve the main scenario experience.
    • Made changes to towns to fit the scenario.
    • Made changes to the open world to fit the scenario.
  • Enhancement of content.
    • Adjusted side-quest balance, added dish types, added fish types and fishing spots.
  • Improvement of the Leviathan boss battle.
    • Brushed up the encounter against Leviathan and further improved the battle experience.

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