MA-X Patria

Level 76 vs. Swords -
XP 4780 vs. Greatswords -
Libra IMM vs. Polearms -
Parry - vs. Daggers  
Size Large vs. Firearms -
HP 201,400 vs. Shields +20%
Strength 92,930 vs. Machines +20%
Vitality 684 vs. Fire -
Spirit 4,762 vs. Ice -
Imm Instant Death, Alterna, Poison, Stop vs. Lightning -
Res - vs. Light IMM

MA-X Patria is an Enemy in Final Fantasy XV


MA-X Patria Information



MA-X Patria Locations

  • Landing craft drops from Chapter 05 onward after you've defeated a MA-X Maniple



MA-X Patria Drops




  • Firearm resistant equipment well help reduce damage from its Aerial burst attack. Which will usually trigger  upon attacking it with aerial attacks.
  • It is a good idea to have a high stock of items as this fight can take a long time depending on your level if you choose to fight.
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  • Employs Lightning-elemental attacks capable of inflicting shocked status. It can be parried.
  • Body part modifiers: -90% damage from all damage types (legs), -30% damage from all damage types (arms), -10% damage from all damage types (hands).
  • Break effects: Weapon destroyed (destructible weapons 10%)

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