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Angler's Nightmare is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"In the Cygillan Ocean swims a fish that has escaped all attempts to land it. It is the holy grail of anglers, and now it is Noctis's turn to go a-questing after it. He sets out in hopes of bringing back the legendary giant they call "the Devil of the Cygillan."


Angler's Nightmare Objectives

  1. Catch a Muck Grouper 



Angler's Nightmare Rewards



Angler's Nightmare Walkthrough

  • This is Navyth's final challenge. Head to Vannath Coast fishing spot in Galdin Quay. Your target is a Murk Grouper (aka Devil of the Cygillan) a large yellow dot in the fish map. You'll need your best fishing equipment and we recommend using the Burrower: Abyss Worm as your lure. Best of luck!




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    • Anonymous

      Easily doable at level 10 w/ rod & reel from "Burt's" tackle shop located @ SE fishing spot off the Vesperpool.
      Possible at level 5 or 7 fishing... but worth noting:

      **'Murk Grouper' will not be visible on the minimap until level 10!**

      Setup: Dragon's Beard (Line) + Burrower: Abyss Worm (Lure) / Death Spin (Rod) + Nereid (Reel)
      Fish: Murk Grouper - seems to appear only dawn through dusk (can be hooked with additional lures)

      All of this is fairly common knowledge I imagine, the only very notable piece of information to add and only discovered after many attempts is this: ***DO NOT reel while the fish is THRASHING ABOUT (Vibrating controller / Visible Splashing)***

      While this is seemingly a stupidly obvious fact, being that you can power through most other catches without bothering, I only now discovered it. Hope this is helpful and saves somebody the time I wasted >.<

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