Techniques in Final Fantaxy XV are listed here. Techniques are special Abilities that Characters can initiate, which are unlocked in Ascension and made available by some of the Weapons they are using. Each character has 1 base technique available at the start, and can be assigned one technique to perfrom in battle. Techniques level up and become more powerful with use.

Some weapons feature special Techniques tied to them that can be activated with a button press. These weapons are normally balanced by having a weaker attack. Techniques are shown at the bottom left of the screen during Combat, and cost MP to use. They are activated via button press, and activating them automatically equips the weapon they are attached to for the special move. This page will be updated with known techniques and the weapons and characters that use them. Techniques have progression and improve as they are leveled up.








MP Cost

Armiger Arsenal Conjures swords to surround Noctis during battle, increasing his speed and power and allowing him to continuously use special abilities. The ability drains his MP and comes to a finish when his MP is exhausted. Aqesiro, Secace, Galatine, Rhongomyniad  
Dragoon Jump Acrobatic attack that reaches sky high to bring the full weight of gravity down on impact. Wyvern Lance  
Drain Blade Siphoning slice that converts damage dealt into health. Blood Sword  
Full Thrust Linear lunge that builds on the back foot before lurching fiercely to the fore. Partisan  
Kickback Blast      
Lion's Roar      
Star Shell      
Tempest Wild swing that whips up a whirlwind to sweep surrounding foes off their feet. Zweihander  

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