Skills in Final Fantasy XV are covered on this page. Each of the main Characters has a skill that they specialize in, adding value to the party. Skill can be leveled up with use and lead to enhanced benefits and new features.


Skills Information


  • Party Member: Noctis
  • Description

The fishing mini-game is fairly straightforward, all of the commands are available and listed on the screen. All you need is a line and a lure, and you're all set. Every fish that you catch rewards Noctis with a specific amount of skill points depending on its size and rarity. By leveling up, Noctis improves in various fields, from his actual fishing abilities to the effciency of his equipment.


Gladiolus is the party's survival expert. His skill increases as you run around in the world of Eos. The more steps you walk, the more skill points he obtains. Leveling up this skill is therefore very easy, and should happen steadily when you explore each region.


  • Party Member: Ignis
  • Description

Ignis is the party's offical cook. Everytime you set up camp at haven, he will offer to prepare a meal which grants temporary buff to everyone in the party. Available dishes depend on which recipes he has mastered so far, and the ingredients that you currently have in stock.


  • Party Member: Prompto
  • Description

Prompto is the party's photographer. Everytime Prompto takes a picture it grants him skill points. A standard photo is worth a small amount of skill points, while quest-related photos offers much more.

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