Noctis Lucis Caelum

Fishing is a Skill in Final Fantasy XV. Noctis is the fisherman of the group and engaging in this activity at fishing spots is a way to increase AP as well as catch fish that can be used as Ingredients for Meals and in Crafting. As you upgrade the fishing skill, it will yield better results when you fish in the form of more AP, more valuable fish, and increased chances of keeping your catch.

The rarer the fish, the better the ingredient or treasure it provides. By homing Noctis's fishing skills and acquiring new tackle, you can reel in real whoppers and reap the rewards.



Fishing Information

  • You encounter the first one in the game's opening chapter once you reach Galdin Quay
  • Some fish are edible, while others are prized.



Fishing Spots



Fishing Leveling

Level XP Required Effects
1   Amateur Angler
 2   Lines wear down 25% slower when fish struggle.
 3    Fishing shops offer 10% discount on all items.
 4    Chances of hooking fish are increased by 25%
 5    Ability to catch fish up to 31.5 Inches
 6    Fishing shops offer 30% discount on all items.
 7    Lines wear down 50% slower when fish struggle.
 8    Chances of hooking fish are increased by 50%
9   Fishing shops offer 50% discount on all items.
 10    Ability to catch fish up to 59 Inches.




  • The line should be reeled when controller is not vibrating. 
  • AlwayƟ direct the rod using the lLstick. You can watch the fish in the water
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