A Walkthrough for Final Fantasy XV can be found on this page. This is an overview of the main actions you'll take along the course of the Main Quests. Along the way certain considerations and opportunities will be called out to help you plan your playthrough. For in depth walkthroughs of interactions with Characters, CombatBoss strategies, locations of Items and step by step guides of Dungeons, consult the individual Quest pages that will be linked in this walkthrough. Feel free to make any additions or refinements to this and other quest pages.



Chapter 1 - Departure

  • At start, your main character is on a battlefield, move around to practise your control, and you will see the main companions - Gladiolus Amicita, Prompto Argentum, and Ignis Scientia.
  • In the cut scene, King Regis sent Noctis for Altissia, and asked his friends to escort him. Now, prince Noctis sets forth from his homeland with his three-man retinue in tow. His destination: Altissia, capital of Accordo, where he will formalize the union of states through his marriage to Lady Lunafreya of the imperial province of Tenebrae. The tour isnt as smooth as King Regis hoped, prince's car stalled on the road. Push the car to outpost Hammerhead for repair.
  • An old man named Cid can repair that car, but that will take time. Meanwhile, you can talk to Cindy to get a map of continent, and visit local tipster to gather information. Unfortunately for Noctis, his currency are not accepted in this region, consult with Cindy for next step.
  • Help Cindy with quest The Pauper Prince, she will give Noctis a discount, along with some rewards.
  • After taking care of the pests, Cindy called Noctis and gives another quest Hunter Becomes the Hunted. You can find some letters on Dave's shack, but be careful, some enemies will attack you right after.
  • After securing the shack, head for the nearby shack and eliminating Sabertusks there. The missing hunter, Dave, can be found inside this shack. He was injured by some mutant monster, agree to help grants quest The Mutant Marauder.
  • Before fighting the enemy, set up a camp and rest first. Ignis can cook some special meal to boost party members' abilities. (Also, in FF15, you need to rest in order to leveling up)
  • Absorb energy from elemental deposits near haven before facing the bloodhorn. After taken care of it, Cindy called and said the car is fixed.
  • Before you leave, Cindy asks Noctis a favor. Agree will grants a new quest The Errand Prince.
  • Now drive to Longwythe Rest Area, talk to motel manager and deliver the goods. A dog here brings Noctis some memories of the past. Before you leave, the receptionist found an envelope inside package, that gives you a side-quest, Gone Hunting. Next, Head to Galdin Quay.
  • At Galdin Quay, a mysterious stranger show up, and tells noctis the port been closed. Investigate the dock to complete the quest The Errand Prince.
  • A man named Dino recognised Noctis, he is a reporter. Inexchange of incognito, he ask prince a favor. recieve quest A Gentlemen's Agreement.
  • Head to mineral deposit, before you leave, you can also fish some food for a cat you met.(side quest Kitty Catering)
  • When you reach mineral deposit, carefully sneak around the giant bird and head towards the mineral deposit to get the Garnet Stone. After obtaining the stone head further and you'll find 3x Chocobeans along the way.
  • Now, head back and sneak around the bird again. It will wake up but will fly away. Before leaving the area, gather 3x Prismatic Dust from behind where the giant bird was sleeping.
  • Return to Dino and hand over the Garnet Stone. He'll tell you more about the coin you received from the suspicious man. He'll also give you 1x Garnet Bracelet.
  • Ask Dino about the ferry to Altissia, and he'll tell you that there will be a ship arrive at tomorrow, so you should spend the night in Galdin again. Afterwards, a cutscene will ensue.
  • The cutscene will show that while Noctis and his party were away, the Kingdom of Lucis was attacked by the Empire of Niflheim. The signing of the peace treaty was only a ruse to disguise the empire's true intentions of taking Lucis by force. Emperor Idolas Aldercapt, aided by his ruthless general Glauca, begins an assault on Insomnia, the Crown City. Defending his kingdom to the bitter end, King Regis dies by General Glauca's hand. (This part of the story is better told in CGI movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.)
  • Noctis and his party learned this tragedy during their stay at the hotel in Galdin. They then decide to head back to the Crown City to find out what really happened.
  • On their way back, Imperial Dreadnoughts showed up, along with the magitek infantry. The party decides to take a detour to get a better view of the city. There are imperial Rafleman potralling this area, use warp-strike to excute them before get noticed. If get surrounded, use a greatsword to damage them all simultaneously. Also dont forget to give your party members to use their techniques.
  • Continue following the quest marker and there will be another group of Imperial Riflemen to slaughter. A point-warp is up ahead so be sure to recover once your HP and MP are low. This is also good for somehow avoiding enemy fire as they are quite spread out this time. Take them out and continue deeper into the area.
  • More magitek infantry will show up. This time, there will be an Imperial Sniper. A good trategy is to use warp-strike to quickly close the distance. When fighting Imperial Axeman, use quick evasive maneuvers like dodging and warp strikes to pop in and out of the fray as you will be be surrounded. Take out all ranged enemies first, then focus on the Axemen will also help. If one or more of your allies will be knocked out and will be in danger. Press L1 to rescue them, and do it quickly.
  • Even more imperial soldiers gonna try to stop you, so keep alert. Occasionally enemies may drop 1x Drain Lance. Weapons marked with a + can be remodeled by talking to Cid back at the Hammerhead Garage.
  • After reached the destination, and overlooking the Crown City. The party will learn what really happened through news, including the fate of Lunafreya - prince's betrothed, and the king. Cor Leonis confirmed the news, and the party agrees to go back to Hammerhead outpost and meet Cor there.


Chapter 2 - No Turning Back

  • Chapter 2 starts with a cutscene of Princess Lunafreya meets a blind woman in black. After the cutscene, we find the friends in the car and drive off in hopes to meet up with Cor Leonis in Hammerhead
  • In Legacy, you make your way to the Prairie Outpost and see Monica inside who will fill you in on what's happening as well as give you a handy Magic Flask for storing any Magic you create in Elemancy.
  • Enter the Tomb of the Wise to meet up with Cor where you will discover the truth. Embrace your destiny and take the powerful Sword of the Wise, one of the Royal Arms.
  • After acquiring the first of the Royal Arms, Cor will speak you about them more in depth. He will let you know that there are 13 of them in all and they lie in Royal Tombs across the world. He will point you towards the next and will join your party. The Power of Kings quest is now underway.
  • As you approach the next tomb, before you enter the Keycatrich Trench Dungeon, to the left find the Bioblaster. Cor will part ways with you here. 
  • Make your way through the dungeon, taking out the various enemies to find the Tomb of the Conqueror and obtain the Axe of the Conqueror.
  • In Declaration of War, you will have to investigate and take out the blockade on the road heading west. Make your way through the enemies and take out Loqi (Boss) being sure to harvest the Circular Saw from him. 


Chapter 3 - The Open World


Chapter 4 - Living Legend

  • Continue following Ardyn's car as you proceed in Onward to the Disc. You can stop at the station along the way to take care of any odds and ends.  Ardyn will open the doors for you when you reach the blockade and you can proceed to the meteor impact site.
  • As you proceed in The Archaen, you will come to the Tomb of the Mystic where you will find the Sword of the Mystic. Eventually you will encounter Titan and will have to clear the enemies out. 
  • In The Trial of Titan you will have to subdue the Archaen and earn its aid.


Chapter 5 - Dark Clouds

  • In the Hexatheon's Blessings you find that blockades have now been set up all over the Duscae Region in light of recent events. You are also now without the Regalia. You will see Umbra, who will run off as you approach. Follow Umbra west to a an area of trees where you will meet Gentiana. Speak to her and Umbra will hand you a note from Luna.
  • You'll have a flashback about three runestones of Ramuh that you'll have to find.
  • Without a car, now is a good time to get some Chocobo action through the Friends of a Feather Quest. Head to Wiz Chocobo Post if you want to ride some.
  • Make your way to the first 2 runestones and interact with them. 
  • In The Trial of Ramuh you will have to enter the Fociaugh Hollow Dungeon east of Wiz Chocobo Post. As you approach a lightning bolt will hit the rocks and open a passage where you can enter the dungeon.
  • Proceed into the dungeon and defeat the Naga at its end and head down the passage to the final runestone and get your vision.
  • In Engaging the Empire, as you leave the cave an imperial ship will pass and you'll get a call from Cindy letting you know that the Regalia is at an imperial base. You will make your way to the base to take out the soldiers and mechs that are guarding the car. Once you get it back, it's time to head for Lestallum in Cleigne.


Chapter 6 -  A Way Forward

  • In Imperial Infiltration, you'll have to get through the complex and take down Caligo. Aftewards you'll have to disable the generators when you will be ambushed by the boss Aranea. When her health is out, she'll take off and you'll get a Bulletproof Suit.
  • Make your way back to Iris to resume your travels to Cape Caem. You can stop along the way to check out some of the surrounding areas.
  • When you arrive at Cape Caem, talk to Cindy at the lighthouse and follow her up the slope to speak to her again about Cid's big plans for you and then head to the hut to talk to Talcott.
  • Gladiolus will part ways with the group for a time at this point.


Chapter 7 - Party of Three

  • This is a short chapter comprised of just one quest, Party of Three. Once you depart you will eventually come to a blockade with some imperial soldiers and a mech. Defeat them and keep an eye for the fork in the road. Make sure you take the dirt road and not the bridge.
  • Head down the hill towards Vesperpool and park the car at the loop and walk the path to find Ardyn.
  • Aranea will now join your party. The Steyliff Grove Dungeon can't be accessed until night so you  have time to do some side activities or speak to the officer in white to wait. Once night hits, make your way to the marker.
  • Make your way through the dungeon to come to a battle against the next boss, Quetzacoatl.
  • Make your way to the exit to chat with Cindy about what to do with the ore. Once you speak to Aranea you will head to Lestallum for a while so be sure you've taken care of anything you need to before doing so.


Chapter 8 - Seaworthy

  • This chapter begins with the quest A Precious Source of Power. Head on up the walkway and go left to meet up with Holly and clear out the enemies infesting the power plant.
  • In Brave New World you'll return to Lestallum and join back up with your party. When you're ready jump into the Regalia and head towards Cape Caem. Warning: getting on the lighthouse lift will close off your open world opportunities for awhile so before doing so finish up any activities you were working towards at the moment, such as other Quests, Skills, etc. 
  • Umbra will approach and Noctis receives a message from Luna. Write "be there as fast as you can" back to her. Head down the elevator and down the stairs to trigger a cutscene with Cor. You will receive a Magic Flask. Head out to bring Chapter 8 to an end.


Chapter 9 - Callings

  • In Altissia, City on the Sea you are going to be treated a lengthy boat journey and a conversation with your party members as you are introduced to the lovely Venice-inspired port town of Altissia. You can have Cid do the talking to receive 3000 Gil or allow Ignis to handle business for free. You can't get to where you're going on foot, so make your way north to the Gondola spot. Jump on one and head to the market.
  • Speak to Weskham and after a few questions, Camelia will arrive. Speak with her and head back to the hotel on the boat.
  • In The Summit, you will head to the Ministerial Quarters station to earn some trust. There is a cadence to the questions that follow and to obtain the best possible reward which is Oracle Ascension Coin 4x, you'll want to answer them as follows in order to gain her trust and cooperation:
    1. Gratitude
    2. Concern
    3. Truth
    4. Truth
    5. Concern for the city
    6. Agree
    7. Agree
    8. Confident
    9. Amicable
    10. Empathy
    11. Thanks
  • There will be a long cutscene involving Luna and Leviathan. Then the quest Into the Fray will begin.
  • Make a run towards the marker, taking out the groups of soldiers you encounter.
  • After you defeat the soldiers a cutscene will play and you will then jump off the edge. Prompto will grab you and you'll have to block and parry when promptoed and then jump to Leviathan. Speaking to her will trigger the fight that comprises the next quest The Trial of Leviathan.
  • At the beginning of this quest you will have to choose what to say to the impressive being. Choose "request her power". Now begins your fight with Leviathan.
  • Eventually the protracted battle will be over and you will emerge victorious. Chapter 9 now comes to an end.


Chapter 10 - The Heart of a King

  • Off the Rails is a pretty straighforward quest. Just head to the rear of the train collecting the various Items you find.
  • In Hand of the King, once you're ready with what you need, head to the elevator. Ignis will go along with you regardless of you choose, and be glad he does because he will be needed later. Depending on whether it's day or night, the Enemies you will encounter at Fodina Caestino Mine will change.
  • Delve the dungeon and Gladiolus will get tough with you. Either answer will earn you a temp boost of 50% Strength. Dispatch the rest of the enemies and inspect the tomb entrance to take on the Boss, Malboro.
  • When the flee message appears, don't leave the fight, instead head for the flashing red arrows by the rocks to the east. Get there and Ignis will reveal his master plan to take the boss out with an explosive. Once he's down, enter the Tomb to collect the next of the Royal Arms, the Katana of the Warrior and head to the train station to bring an end to Chapter 11.


Chapter 11 - In the Dark

  • In the quest Express Train for Trouble, things begin with a chat between Noctis and Ignis and some odd occurences unfolding. When the cutscene is over, head to Ardyn and try to attack him when prompted. Follow him through the train as he tries to get away. You'll get a few more cracks at him before he does get away. Prompto will then check in on you.
  • Climb out the window and take out the enemies and destroy all 4 of the ships and warp back to the train to find Adryn threatening Prompto. See out the remainder of the events to conclude Chapter 11


Chapter 12 -  End of Days

  • In No Turning Back, when the train enters the tunnel, start quickly heading for the front. You'll run into some foes and after the third wave, the train will leave the tunnel. Leviathan will now arrive with glory.
  • Where She Lived will now commence. Folllow Aranea and then speak to Biggs and Wedge. Cross the bridge, find and speak to Maria to see a cutscene, then return to the train, speaking with Aranea once more.
  • As you make your way to the station a child will interrupt you and you can also find some Items hidden around the platform. You can also speak to your party members or eavesdrop on some conversations. When you're ready, hop on the train to begin the next quest, Into the Arctic Crevasse.
  • All you do here is wander the train, exploring it for any Treasures and Consumables left behind. 
  • You'll wait a bit and receive a call and your journey will resume in Breath of the Glacian.
  • After some enemies are dispatched you will face a tougher battle against a Boss called Deathclaw.
  • Defeat him and get back on the train and head along the corridor, following the markers and watch the story unfold. Gentiana will appear after you see Ardyn and she will reveal herself as Shiva. She will give noctis the Trident of the Oracle and a cutscene will trigger. Noctis will charge Ardyn and you will receive the Mark of the Glacian. When the party comes to, head to the marker to find Ardyn again who reveals his immortality and Prompto's whereabouts.


Chapter 13 - Redemption

  • In The Imperial Capital, the chapter opens with Noctis on the train towards to capital. Now weaponless, Noctis has to run to the end of the train avoiding any enemies to get to the Regalia. When you get in, drive as fast as you can before the gates shut, dodging the ships that attack you along the way. Separated from your friends, proceed to the entrance at Zegnautus Keep, avoiding any enemies.
  • A cutscene will trigger and A King's Struggle will begin. You will have the Death Spell, a powerful Ring Magic, which should help against the enemies you will encounter. You many still want to avoid conflict when possible as the spell requires cooldown.
  • You will have to find a keycard and activate the elevator. Upon doing so, a Gargantua will break the floor, sending you falling to the bottom. Your journey continues in Zegnautus Keep (Quest).
  • You will find the dead body of Ravus. Noctis will take the sword enabling to use the sword with the Ring of the Lucii at the same time.
  • The next mission is a difficult one. You will have to get back to the upper levels, which you can do by following the map. You will have to pass a poison gas chamber and several guards. Follow the walkthrough in the Zegnautus Keep (Quest) page for a detailed breakdown on how to proceed. 
  • Head to the cell where Prompto is being held. Your journey continues in Reunion and Recovery.
  • After reuniting with your firends you will have to find a device that is sealing Noctis' power. Prompto will unlock the door to trigger a cutscene. Destroy the device to the right and head to the hangar.
  • Take out the enemies, and you'll get back to the control room where you can buy more Items from the vending machine. Replenish your stores and prepare for a fight. Make your way to the next marker and absorb the energy from the canisters. Head to the hangar and square off against Ravus. Defeat him and a cutscene will trigger and more enemies will appear. Hang on against them as long as you can while the elevator makes its way and then dash for it when it arrives.


Chapter 14 - Homecoming

  • A cutscene will play and World of Ruin will begin. After the cutscene, Noctis will be starting at the dock. You will sail to camp to find the team. Head across the dock to find some enemies. Make your way through the plains and caverns and approach the truck to trigger a cutscene and you'll meet up with Talcott. He'll give you a ride and a cutscene will play as he explains 10 years have passed. He tells you where your friends are now.
  • After the cutscene, Noctis will see his brothers in arms. You will now have to make your way back to Crown City. Head to the gate and select Return to Insomnia to proceed.
  • Once you head to the Crown City you can't leave. Because of this, make sure you have plenty of what you need before you proceed. Head around the nearby Hammerhead area and do some shopping for Weapons, Items and Treasures for Upgrades. You can also take the time to rest up and eat one of the good hearty Meals to get you amped for the struggle to come. Take a trip through your Ascension grid and make sure you've spent all of your AP and save your progress.
  • When you proceed a cutscene will trigger with a discussion about a wedding and love. Head to the gate and leave for the city of Insomnia. A cutscene will trigger.
  • In Cure for Insomnia, once you enter the city, you and your party will have to make your way towards the citadel. Begin your approach on foot and you will have to face waves of enemies along the way.
  • Find the Citadel Station and head down the stairs. Open the gates and defeat the soldiers and beasts in the area. Once they are defeated, head towards the obective to get to the citadel. Open the door by pressing the button and climb the stairs to the citadel. A Behemoth King will be blocking your progress here. The Behemoth King is on par for size with Deadeye.
  • Head on inside to trigger the next cutscene. Ardyn will make his presence known, summoning the Archaen, Ifrit. Be prepared for a tense battle against the iconic summon. When he gets down to lower life, summoning will be available. Bahamut will arrive and demolish Ifrit with sword rain. After their duel you can issue the final blow to Ifrit by chopping off his horn. 
  • This enrages Ifrit and he is ignited in flame. Use your warp strike as he's swinging his sword around. Occasionally he will charge at you with his flaming sword. He's vulnerable to ice spells like Blizzaga. The key is to be careful and use you block and evading abilities wisely. Once he gets down to lower health, Shiva will arrive on the scene and defeat Ifrit for good.
  • Once Ifrit is defeated, enter the citadel. Board the elevator to go to the upper level and enter the throne room. Before you enter the throne room, you will ask Prompto for a photo to keep. Choose any of the photos you would like and you will now have to face off against Ardyn in his final Boss form.
  • Once you defeat him, the game's final cutscene will play. When you load the cleared data, the game will resume before the final battle. To get back to the open world to finish off some other Quests, head to a rest point and pick the option to talk to Umbra. You can then choose to be taken to the past.

Congratulations! You've beaten Final Fantasy XV! It's now time to engage in some Side Quests and Mobhunts to your heart's content, go for another playthrough or sit tight for upcoming DLC.

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