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The Power of Kings is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"In order to reclaim the Crystal and save his homeland, Noctis needs the power to battle the empire. To that end, he and his friends now make for Keycatrich Trench, where the next royal arm is said to lie."


The Power of Kings Objectives

  1. Head to Keycatrich Trench
  2. Search for the royal tomb at Keycatrich Trench



The Power of Kings Rewards



The Power of Kings Walkthrough


After acquiring the first of the Royal Arms, Cor will speak you about them more in depth. He will let you know that there are 13 of them in all and they lie in Royal Tombs across the world. He will point you towards the next and will join your party. He's a worthy partymate who packs a punch. 


 Exit the Tomb of the Wise and head left at the intersection to continue north. You will encounter some Sabertusk resistance which won't be too much of a struggle. Ahead you will see some dropships and imperial soldiers, consisting of riflemen, axemen, and snipers. Use your warping abilities to take out the snipers first as they present clearest danger and make use of your new buddy Cor's powerful Techniques to dispatch the foot soldiers. More Magitek and soliders will drop down to join the fray. Defeat them all and proceed to find 2 Magitek Armor foes. Work with your team to take them out carefully being especially mindful of their grenades and post death explosions. They can be taken to the ground by focusing on their legs. After dispatching them more soldiers will drop in. After they're defeated you can explore the immediate area for a Chrome Bit on the stairs and a Hi-Elixir on a table. There is a treasure spot in the corner where another Magitek Armor is, which conceals a Giant Hairy Horn.


Once finished, head to the tomb, but before you enter the Keycatrich Trench Dungeon, to the left find the Bioblaster. Cor will part ways with you at the entrance and leave the Tombkeeper's Key with you and bid you well on your journey to discover the remainder of the Royal Tombs.


 As you explore the area be sure to check out for valuable Items along the way. You will find a Metal Scrap in the first room left of the sandbags. At an intersection, Prompto will see a cable that you can follow a generator to light the hallways. Down the path you will find an Electrolytic Condenser and this will curve back to the main path. At the end of the next hall you will come to a door on the right. To your left will be a dead end with a Carbon Bangle. Go back through the gae and look right to find a Rusted Bit at the end of the corridor and head left. The large green door will be locked so head north through the open gate and head donw the path to the crawlspace. Before entering the crawlspace check out the room near to find an Oracle Ascension Coin. In the corridor you will also find a Green Choker near a well on the right and the gate to the stairs going down are now open. The room further back goes into a small room with an Electrolytic Condenser and a broken path into some caves with a Rusted Bit. There is a path here that leads back to the prior room where you will meet a Goblin party. Dispatch them and grab the Potion and head down the main path again. 


 If you head down to the newly unlocked gate you'll come to a room on the left with an Ether but be mindful of falling rocks. The other path will take you back up. If you head right between the stairs you'll come to a room and Goblins will cut the lights and attack. Defeat them while avoiding the falling rocks and grab the Oracle Ascension Coin in the room and go back the way you came. Head down the hall to the crawspace and on the other side find an Elixir and then take the path to the right. The path then on the left will take you to the path you were previously on and to an unlocked door. The room inside will have a generator and more goblins who drop in. Take them out, turn on the power and head to the main hallway. It will end with a caved in area where an Elixir can be found. 


 Take the door on the right to find a lit storage room and take the Fire Energy from the canister here. You'll hear a noise but won't find much if you investigate. Back in the room you will be ambusehd by 2 tarantulas, take them out and head through the door into another hallway with an Auto Crossbow right there in the middle. At the end of the hall is another caved in area on the left with a Hi-Elixir and a door that opens to a storage room.


 There will be a Daemon in here called Arachne. The spider is week to Greatswords and Machines. Get behind and use your blindside attacks when you can and make liberal use of the block and parry. Once dead find an Elixir in the corner and head through the broken wall to another tunnel. Take the door at the junction to find the Tomb of the Conqueror and obtain the Axe of the Conqueror. You can now leave the dungeon at your leisure. Your now epic journey is about to get more epic and continues in Declaration of War.






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