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Trophies & Achievements



Description/How to Obtain


The World Wanderer  Collected all trophies.
Departure Completed the Prologue.
Insomnia's Walking Nightmare Completed Chapter 1.
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 2.
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 3
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 4
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 5
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 6
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 7
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 8
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 9
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 10
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 11
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 12
Hidden Trophy Completed Chapter 13
Homecoming Completed Chapter 14
Chosen King Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty.
Learner's Permit Drove the Regalia.
Chocobo Jockey Rode a Chocobo.
Regalia Pilot Flew the Regalia Type-F.
Quadruple Threat Equipped four weapon slots.
Faithful Heir Collected thirteen royal arms.
New Power Learned first ability.
Self-Improved Activated 20 ability nodes.
Self-Mastered Activated 50 ability nodes.
Angling Rookie Improved fishing level for the first time.
Survival Rookie Improved survival level for the first time.
Photo Rookie Improved photography level for the first time.
Cooking Rookie Improved cooking level for the first time.
Angling Expert Reached maximum fishing level.
Survival Expert Reached maximum survival level.
Photo Expert Reached maximum photography level.
Cooking Expert Reached maximum cooking level.
Just Hangin' Around Performed first point-warp suspension.
Brother-in-Arms Issued first ally command.
Blind Spot Performed first blindside link.
Noct You Like a Hurricane Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack.
The Power of Kings Called forth the Armiger for the first time.
Magical Worker Crafted a spell for the first time.
Black Mage Used magic for the first time.
Divine Intervention Summoned one of the Six for the first time.
High Five for Justice! Played JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time.
Immortal Photobomb Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo
Spinning a Yarn I Completed first sidequest.
Spinning a Yarn II Completed 5 sidequests.
Spinning a Yarn III Completed 10 sidequests.
Spinning a Yarn IV Completed 20 sidequests.
Spinning a Yarn V Completed 40 sidequests.
Weaving a Tapestry Completed 80 sidequests.
My First Hunt Completed first hunt.
Tortoise Toppler Defeated the Adamantoise.


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