Mobhunts are hunt contracts that the party can take on from Tipsters who operate out of bars, diners and Restaurants. They normally involve hunting and eliminating a certain amount and type of monster. They have difficulty ratings and can reward the player with currency and/or Gear and are repeatable. The Mobhunts will be listed below.

You can only have one active request at a time. If you receive a new one, the old one will disappear and have to be started again.



Mobhunts in Alphabetical Order

Hunter Ranks

Completing Requests ranks up your hunter rank and awards you rewards as follows:

Rank Stars needed Reward
1 Apprentice 0 -
2 Trapper 5 Silver Bangle
3 Chaser 15 Sapphire Bracelet
4 Ranger 30 Gold Bangle
5 Slayer 50 Champion's Anklet
6 Officer 40 Black Choker
7 Guardian 40 Blue Diamond Bracelet
8 Grandmaster 40 Centurion Bangle
9 Hand of Mercy 30 Legatus Bangle
10 Alley Jack 43 Dark Matter Bracelet


Hammerhead Hunts


Longwythe Rest Area Hunts


Galdin Quay Hunts


Target Type



Peace to the Beach

Rubyshears 11 Anytime

The Gourmands of Vannath

Sparkshears 17 Anytime
Stealer of Lives Glamhoth 17 Nighttime
Footfalls in the Dark Hobgoblin 20 Nighttime
A Nightmae Came by Ferry Seadevil 28 Anytime


Coernix Station - Alstor Hunts


Wiz Chocobo Post Hunts


Lestallum (Thoroughfare) Hunts


Lestallum (Market) Hunts


Cauthess Rest Area Hunts


Taelpar Rest Area Hunts


Old Lestallum Hunts


Meldacio Hunter HQ Hunts


Verinas Mart - Ravatogh Hunts


Altissia (Maagho) Hunts

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