Controls for Final Fantasy XV are covered on this page. The default control scheme is listed here. Players can choose between 2 presets from the Controls menu in the game, but the game's controls are not customizable at launch.






Xbox One

Map Press right stick Press right stick
Pause Options Select
Move Left stick Left stick
Camera Right stick Right stick
Select Weapon Dpad Dpad
Main Menu Touchpad Start
Jump X A
Interact X A
Sprint Hold O Hold B
Attack O B
Warp Triangle Y
Roll Square X
Defend Hold Square Hold X
Take Cover (Near Cover) Hold Square Hold X
Lock On Enemy R1 RB
Open Item Menu R2 RT
Choose Ally Technique L1 LB
Point Warp Hold Triangle Hold Y
Change Car Music Dpad Dpad
Pull Car Over X A
Car U-Turn Square  X
Change Car Camera R1/L1 RB/LB
Accelerate Car R2 RT
Brake/Reverse Car L2 LT
Chocobo Sprint Square X
Chocobo Trot R2 RT
Chocobo Halt Hold L2 Hold LT
Chocobo Slide L2 LT

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      How do you open the inventory I haven’t played final fantasy XV in a long time and Prompto got intoxicated and I need an antidote for it

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