New Player Help in Final Fantasy XV. This is a list of tips and advice for new players. This guide covers basic concepts, provides useful links for controls, configuration and combat, and a general overview of getting started in FFXV


New Player Help Information

When you start the game, the configurations menu will be your most valuable ally. From your "options" selector, you can select the first basic points. See the Controls page to get acquainted with the layout on your platform. Below are some initial tips:

  • Difficulty settings can be changed at any time between normal and easy. Easy mode increases the damage you deal to enemies, however there is a silver trophy called "Chosen King" for finishing the game on Normal.
  • For controls, you will likely want to adjust the camera (inverse is if that is your preference) and the sensitivty of movement to create a smooth feel for your actions depending on what you like.
  • Navigation: Turn "Map Rotation" off. It makes it too easy to get lost on dungones as the mini-map seems to rotate randomly, creating confusion for your progression.
  • Keep your stamina gauge ON - it will display above Nocti's head, making sprinting a lot more manageable as you'll be able to see when you are in trouble.


General Gameplay Tips

Final Fantasy XV autosaves progress, but you may select to save manually by pressing the options button.

You can automatically recharge your stamina by pressing the circle button just when you're about to run out.

All small gaps and steps can be climbed by doing jumps via X button

You may rest at camps, hotels, etc. See the Lodgings page to understand the effects and costs of resting

Money does not come from defeating enemies, but from selling items. To make a Gil fortune, make sure to sell all Treasure (Collectibles) items you come by. You can also earn Gil from Mobhunts, that can be an easy source of income.


Character Building & Combat

The combat page explains the basic concepts clearly. Make sure to read it and understand the core concepts

Leveling up is slow from defeating regular enemies. You need to level up to improve your character Attributes, Abilities and Skills. The best way to gain levels is to complete Mobhunts. You can also access many sidequests that can be resolved without engaging in combat.

Resting at a high class hotel grants your party a 2.0 or 3.0 times experience boost, so make sure to use your Gil wisely.


Fast Leveling Tips

Using Expericast FireExpericast Blizzard or Expericast Thunder can level up at an extremely fast rate. With the combination of high class hotel, EXP boost dishes and Moogle Charm,  it is possible to score millions of EXP at once.

  1. Craft an Expericast FireExpericast Blizzard or Expericast Thunder ,use as much items as possible for a higher bonus level
  2. (Optional)Wear Moogle Charms and have an EXP boost dish such as Maagho Lasagna, Mother & Child Rice Bowl
  3. Find any random mob in the field
  4. Cast Expericast FireExpericast Blizzard or Expericast Thunder during the fight as many as you can.
  5. Rest at high class hotel in Galding Quay(10,000GIL X2.0EXP) or Altissia(Chapter 8+only 30,000GIL X3.0EXP)


  • The higher the EXP Bonus level the magic has the more EXP you gain from it.
  • Moogle Charm can stack up to 30% of EXP boost for each provides a 10% bonus.
  • Best recommended dish is Maagho Lasagna which provides a 100% EXP bonus


Game Progress

We provide a full Walkthrough, as well as detailed Location and Quest pages. You should still be mindful of point-of-no-return scenarios.

Locked Areas: Some areas become inaccessible after certain points in the game. Chapter 4's [LOCATION] and Chapter's 10 through 13 cannot be revisited. You will be able to visit other areas by special events in Chapter 9.

Lost Items: Items from locked areas that were not picked up cannot be retrieved. There's no reason to worry about items equipped in the main 4 characters, as they will always come back to the party.

Character Pictures: These characters join your party temporarily so take pictures while you can. Cor Leonis (Leide's Northern Region only); Iris Amicita (Up to Chapter 8); ?? (??);


Post Game






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