Merchants or Shops in Final Fantasy XV are covered here. As you travel through the Places & Locations of the land you will encounter several different merchants.




There are different merchants scattered throughout the land and perform several different but valuable functions for the party. 

Shops: These provide standard Items players may need such as curative items like Potion, or ingredients you need to create recipes at Camps.

Restaurants: Diners are the primary info brokers, where you can eat food to recover from your journey as well as obtain info on Mobhunts.

Arms Vendors: The Weapons these shops sell vary from location to location so it's a good idea to visit every one you come across to find the latest and greatest.

Gas Stations: If using one of the gas powered Mounts & Rides in the game, such as the Regalia, you'll need to stop at these to refuel or the car will no longer move.


Fishing Shops: These are typically located near Fishing spots and sell different lures and lines.



Noodle Wagons



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