Camps or Havens are a special Location in Final Fantasy XV. Camps are safe havens, where players can rest up, cook and eat meals for status buffs and sleep to maintain their buffs. Experience earned during combat are converted into leveling progression when the party stops to sleep, and you can view your party members' relevant Stats and your total AP. You may forego sleeping to attempt a low level run. Knocked out players lose accrued experience so it is important to rest when you can. The party can go 3 days without sleep, after which they lose any status buffs. Players can also use camps for fast travel. Other havens such as campers, inns and lodges can be found in towns which perform the same function.


Camps Information


Players can consume meals at camps for buffs, by first obtaining ingredients from Merchants and Enemies. Ignis is the party's cook and his cooking level determines the recipes he can prepare. Different meals boost different stats. Consult the following table for the various recipes, their effects and the cooking level and ingredients required to prepare them:


Meal Effect Ingredients
Veggie Medley Stew Level 2: Attack Boost, increases attack by 20.
Level 3: HP Boost, increases max HP by 150.
Flame-Roasted Toast Level 1: Attack Boost, increases attack by 10. N/A
Toasty Rice Ball Level 1: HP Boost, increases max HP by 50. N/A
Egg in the Basket Level 3: Attack Boost, increases attack by 30


Camping at Night


Enemies typically found in Dungeons will come up during night, making camping an attractive option for getting out of danger. Players may opt to camp in the great outdoors or procure a hotel in a town or at a caravan. The party can't cook at hotels or caravans but they do earn experience more quickly.


Camping and Tours


After a camping session, sometimes party members will suggest a Tour for Noctis which is a special type of Side Quest. Tours will have a special function of improving Noctis' relationship with Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus, which will in turn improve the potency of the co-op attacks during Combat.

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