Rusted Bit



Rusted Bit is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Rusted Bit Information


"A metal scarp too rusted now to tell what it was once used for. It could be sold for a small amount of gil."


Where to Find\Location

  • 1x Keycatrich Trench rubble pile at dead end of a corridor.
  • 1x Galdin Quay, at the end of a pier by a striped pole.
  • 1x Prairie Outpost, climb up the water tower to the platform.
  • 2x Greyshire Glacial Grotto, along the left wall as you enter. The second can be found in the center of the large room, near the stalagmites.
  • 2x Fociaugh Hollow, across the room when you enter. The second can be found deeper in the dungeon near a Fire Energy deposit.
  • 1x Balouve Mines, on the tracks leading from the elevator.
  • 1x Cauthess Coernix Station, near a pile of rubble across the road.
  • 2x Taelpar Rest Area, behind the diner. Another is is hidden behind the turquoise car between the buildings.
  • 1x Hammerhead, just east of on a pile of stones next to the small hill.


Tactical Strategies

  • Can be used to create Failcast spells which have high potency but risk of doing nothing.
  • ??
  • ??



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