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Declaration of War is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Cor instructs Noctis to take the Norduscaen Blockade out of commision in order to secure a way to the Duscae and Cleigne regions beyond."


Declaration of War Objectives

  1. Meet Monica at the Prairie Outpost
  2. Head to the Norduscaen Blockade
  3. Eliminate the Imperial forces
  4. Open the front gate of the Norduscaen Blockade.
  5. Defeat Loqi in his MA-X Cuirass



Declaration of War Rewards



Declaration of War Walkthrough


As you leave the tomb, Cor will give you a call with another issue regarding the empire's base building expansion. Go see Monica at the Prairie Outpost and speak to her about taking out the Norduscaen Blockade on the road heading west. Make your way down the road to the other side of the blockade, clearing out any fauna in the way. Meet up with Monica ahead down a path around the back and the group will split up into teams. Meet up with Cor and head through the door before you head left to find a Hi-Potion.


Head through the door to encoutner 2 snipers. Warp strike and defeat them while Cor deals with the soldiers below. Head down the alley and get the Hi-Elixir and then head left. Take out the snipers on the catwalks in the next room, while Cor again takes care of the soldiers. Defeat them and go through the far door and take a left to get a Muscle Stimulant. Head right to the other side of the blockade to meet back up with the team. You will be confronted by Loqi in a powerful mech suit. He will be accompanied by soldiers and snipers.

 Boss Fight: Loqi (Boss) See the page for a video guide.

Focus on clearing out his minions being wary of his guided missiles. Once the weaker foes are dispatched, use Greatswords on his legs to break them which will lower him and leave him open for your strongest attacks. Defeat him to earn the Circular Saw, and mind the post defeat explosion.


 With the blockade destroyed you can now travel into the Duscae Region and continue your journey in Chapter 3, Burden of Expectation






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