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Party of Three is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"The imperial chancellor always seems to be the one pulling the strings-a fact Noctis and his friends reconfirm when Ardyn arranges for Commodore Aranea Highwind to escost the party through the ruins at Steyliff Grove."


Party of Three Objectives

  1. Head to Steyliff Grove
  2. Follow Ardyn
  3. Speak to Aranea
  4. Locate the mythril
  5. Head back above ground
  6. Speak to Aranea



Party of Three Rewards

  • 3000 EXP



Party of Three Walkthrough

 Once you depart and egin you drive you will eventually come to a blockade with some imperial soldiers and a mech. Defeat them and keep an eye for the fork in the road. Make sure you take the dirt road and not the bridge. The way you want is marked in yellow on the nav map. Otherwise, crossing the bridge will take you to a particularly tricky fight. 


 Head down the hill towards Vesperpool and park the car at the loop and walk the path to find Ardyn and an Earth Gemstone to his left. East of him you can find Oric's Culinary Chronicles among the ruins and rocks. Follow him and speak to Aranea. You can respond to her for a bonus here. If you stay quiet you will earn 2 AP, if you consult with your friends, Prompto and Ignis earn 1500 XP. She will then join your party as you move to acquire what you need. The Steyliff Grove Dungeon can't be accessed until night so you  have time to do some side activities or speak to the officer in white to wait. Once night hits, make your way to the marker.


 Head down the stairs to find a series of rooms. To the right is an empty room, so head left down the passage to to get to an intersection. The room on the left has an item but a rock will drop to block it. The room straight ahead has a Chrome Bit. To the right a cave in will trigger a skeleton ambush. Head in the other direction to a large room with more skeletons and a Reaper. Take them out. There is a door in the back that leads to a large room. Find a Rusted Bit on the balcony to the left and head down the path to a large area with Skeletons and some daemons. Look in the center of the platform for a Magic Flask and head to the edge of the path to slide across the broken part to reach a stairway on the lower level. Head under the balcony to find more skellies and loot the Rusted Bit by the edge.


 Head down to find more enemies! At the end you will find a path that leads into the ruins. Take it into a large room. At the center a small path that leads to an item will collapse. Go in the opposite direction to find a another collapsing floor that pits you against some enemies. Clear them out and find the dead end to the south to find a Mega Phoenix and the path to the east will take you to a smaller room with more enemies. Climb the stairs and take the opposite path to come to a large room with several paths. An Iron Giant will make its appearance and send you down below. Take out the enemies here before the Iron Giant joins the fight.


 You will be dropped down to fight this Boss. He is weak to Swords, Shields and Royal Arms. He is strong against fire. Disregard the daemons with him and focus on him instead first. Once you defeat him exit via the stairs behind the door in the north east corner to find a Mythril Shaft and proceed. More enemies will wait for you here and beyond you will come to a balcony bridge that you can cross to find even more enemies. Keep an eye for a broken bridge that repairs itself to get a Hi-Elixir and find another with a Rare Coin. You can return to the first 2 floor room to cross the first broken bridge to loot a Heliodor Bracelet. You can also enter the small room you could not before to find a Megalixir. Tired yet? Defeat the enemies as is tradition and cross under the water that is floating above to take on more enemies. Loot the Ether in the corner of the balcony and go through the circular room on the far end and take the corridor. At the junction, head right to find an Elixir and exit down a long passage and check the room on the right for a Talisman. When you get to the second corner the doors will shut and you'll find, you guessed it, more enemies! But there's more! Around the next corner you will run into more. 


 Go down the stairs at the end of the corridor and make your way into the next area. Hit up the elemental nodes and check the dead end behind them to find an Oracle Ascension Coin and get prepared for a battle against the next boss, Quetzacoatl. Step ahead to face your foe.


 Use the warp point across the room and get some damage in, and use some ice based Elemancy to hurt him. Work with your teammates for some link attacks and your Armiger Arsenal to bring the pain. At some point he will take to the air for swooping attacks. Focus on attacking its wings to stun it and earn a Scarlet Splinterbone if you break one its wings. Once he smells what you've been cooking, pick up the Mythril. You can if you'd like, head down o the lift on the first floor that has been cleared to grab a Phoenix Down and take the lift down.  Down this room you will find an Iron Giant and a Lich pair. Beat them to earn a Sapphire Bracelet.


 Make your way to the exit to chat with Cindy about what to do with the ore. Once you speak to Aranea you will head to Lestallum for a while so be sure you've taken care of anything you need to before doing so. Chapter 7 is a wrap and Chapter 8 begins now with the quest, A Precious Source of Power.




  • This is quest Aranea Highwind will temporarily join your party.
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