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A Precious Source of Power is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Holly, floor chief at EXINERIS Industries, agrees to treat the mythril Noctis retrived from the ruins-on the condition that he clears out the daemons running amok inside the power plant."


A Precious Source of Power Objectives

  1. Clear out the daemons and stabilize the generators
  2. Leave the power plant.




A Precious Source of Power Rewards



A Precious Source of Power Walkthrough

 Head on up the walkway and go left to meet up with Holly and clear out the enemies infesting the power plant. You'll have to take out one wave and then another will have to completed within a 5 minute timer. If you're diligent, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Wipe them out and leave the same way you entered, picking up the Silver Bangle near the controls across the bridge on your way out. Your journey continues in Brave New World the quest and not the book.




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