Onward to the Disc


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A Dubious Drive


The Archaean


Coernix Station - Cauthess

Quest Giver

Ardyn Izunia



Onward to the Disc is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"In a dubious coincidence, the outlandish stranger from Galdin appears before the friends, informing them that Titan's insistent calling is behind Noctis's headaches. Though suspicious of his intent, the party decides to take this Ardyn up on his offer to guide them to the Disc of Cauthess."


Onward to the Disc Objectives

  1. Speak to Ardyn
  2. Follow Ardyn's car once more.



Onward to the Disc Rewards

  • 1000 EXP



Onward to the Disc Walkthrough

At the station, you can take care of any odds and ends that you need to before speaking with Ardyn. Once you depart you won't be able to divert for the rest of the chapter so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

 You'll be following Ardyn's car yet again as you proceed to the Disc. Make sure to not lose him. Eventually, you'll reach a blockade and Ardyn will open the doors for you and part ways with you here. You are now free to proceed to the meteor site.




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