The Archaean


Main Quests


Onward to the Disc


The Trial of Titan


Disc of Cauthess

Quest Giver

Ardyn Izunia



The Archaean is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"With Ardyn's aid, the friends gain entry to the Disc of Cauthess unchallenged. A long trek into the ravine stretches out befoe them, at the end of which an audience with Titan, the Archaean, awaits."


The Archaean Objectives

  1. Follow the path
  2. Find a way forward
  3. Eliminate the enemy



The Archaean Rewards

  • 2000 EXP



The Archaean Walkthrough

 As you enter the open road you will find what amounts to a ghost road of abandoned vehicles. Drive to the end of the road and you'll be able to exit the car. On the narrow path you'll find a Hi-Elixir. Around the bend you will come to one of the Royal Tombs, the Tomb of the Mystic. Inside it will be the Sword of the Mystic.

 As you continue a tremor will strike sending Noctis and the tomb down. Hit the prompt quickly to have Gladiolus grab you, and you will see the Archaen,Titan. Separated from you other 2 bros, you'll head on, grabbing the Fire Energy deposit on the right. Up ahead be wary of the flames from the ground as they will hurt you. When you come to the clearing you will meet a group of Dynoaevis. They are weak to fire and have moves similar to the Daggerquill you encountered earlier. Take them out and inspect the ledge for more fire nodes as well as one for Lightning Energy. Dodge the fire rocks you encounter next and find the Sharp Tail Feathers in the next area where another fire node is. Gladio will lead the way and Titan will take a swipe at you. Head to the next part of the path.

 You will find a Mega Phoenix on this path by a lightning and fire node. There is a Megalixir nearby as well. Take the path ahead and Gladio will hype you up. Beyond you'll see another fire node and Ignis will call out to you about incoming soldiers. To your left you'll find a Mega-Potion and beyond will run into some imperial soldiers. Take them out, working on the sniper first as is customary. Once dispatched, your quest resumes in The Trial of Titan.






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