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The Professor's Protégé - Myrlwood Fireflies is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"In order to continue her frog research, Sania needs an injection of captial, and an article on rare fauna should fetch a high price. The Myrlwood firefly is a suitable subject and Noctis can aid Sania's fundraising by catching lice specimens."


The Professor's Protégé - Myrlwood Fireflies Objectives

  1. Catch Myrlwood Fireflies
  2. Give the Myrlwood Fireflies to Sania
  3. ??



The Professor's Protégé - Myrlwood Fireflies Rewards



The Professor's Protégé - Myrlwood Fireflies Walkthrough

  • Head into the Myrlwood. Follow along the path. When you get to crossroads, theres a campsite with a fishing spot you can use. I recommend camping there to get some food buffs, as theres a lvl 45 boss at the end that you have to kill. Once he is dead, head into the tomb to grab a new armiger weapon.
  • As for the fireflies themselves, you have to wait untill it gets dark before you can catch them. 2 of them are close to the tree in the center of the area. the last one is abit more hidden. It ontop of some rocks on the left side of the clearing(left side if you are looking towards the entrance to the tomb). But being the fireflies they are, the glow pretty bright, so it shouldnt be that hard to spot them.
    Once you have picked them up, head back to the camp site to tally up your exp so far, then you can turn in the quest when you have done all the other quests in this area.




  • You find the gem Dino is looking for close to the entrance of The Myrlwood dungeon too, so if you have that quest(and you really should have it) Pick up the gem as well. Its on the left side when you enter the dungeon, close to the wall behind some bushes and rocks.
  • Complete the "The Professor's Protégé - Wyvern" to unlock this quest

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