The Professor's Protege


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Coenix Station - Alstor

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The Professor's Protege is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Gladiolus catches sight of an acquaintance of his, a lively lady by the name of Sania, and suggest that the friends speak to her. No doubt she will have important knowlede to impart upon Noctis."


The Professor's Protege Objectives

  1. Speak to Sania
  2. Head to Alstor Slough
  3. Look for 5 red frogs
  4. Give the red frogs to Sania



The Professor's Protege Rewards





The Professor's Protege Walkthrough

  • After talking to Sania, head over Alstor Slough and look for the quest marker.
  • This part is kinda frustrating as the red frogs are really small and that makes them harder to find, I'd suggest standing over the large rock in the middle to get of an overview of the location. The first 4 frogs should be around the rocky area, on top of rock, 2 beside a rock and 1 in between rocks, last one is the in middle of the grassy entrance of the location.
  • After finding 5 red frogs, head back to Coenix Station - Alstor and talk to Sania.




  • Reach chapter 3 to unlock this quest

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